Top 5 Bosu Exercises

You may have passed by a bosu ball in the gym and had no idea what it was. Man, are you missing out! The bosu ball is one of our favorite pieces of workout equipment. It helps you work on your balance and stability all while building your strength. Next time you pass one of these bad boys, make sure to pick it up and try one of the below exercises!




Bosu Burpee – This is such a great total body exercise. Start with the bosu ball on the ground, blue side up. You will start in a plank position on the bosu. Be sure to keep that core nice and tight and hop your feet towards your hands. As you come up, grab the bosu and perform a front raise. Drop the bosu back down to the ground and jump back into plank position. Try 3 rounds at 30 seconds each. Take 15 seconds rest in between rounds.


Bosu Toe Taps – Lets get that lower body moving! Start with the bosu ball on the ground blue side up. Get to moving and start taping the toes on the bosu ball. Change it up a bit and move around the bosu instead of just staying in one spot. Try 3 Rounds of 30 seconds. Take 30 seconds rest in between rounds.


Bosu Plank Dips – Lets wake up that core shall we? Start with the bosu ball on the ground blue side up. Start in a plank position with your forearms on the blue part of the bosu. While keeping that core nice and tight, dip those hips side to side working those obliques. Try 4 Rounds of 20.


Bosu Squats – Are you ready to work on some balance? This time the bosu is going to start blue side down. VERY CAREFULLY hop onto to bosu and find your balance. The wider your legs are the less wobbly they will be. Although, wobbly is normal! Once you find your balance, squat down keeping your chest up and pushing your butt back. Make sure your knees are not going over your toes! Squeeze those glutes at the top. Try 3 rounds of 12.





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