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Ditch The Scale – Other Ways to Track Your Weight Loss

When I was training in high school, my coach always taught us to forget about the scale. He told us muscle weighed more than fat, and that we were going to put on a lot of muscle.




Some women forget that when you step up on that scale, it’s just a number looking back at you. There are other ways you can track and monitor your fat loss and muscle gain.


  1. The Mirror is Your Friend – Just stop and take a look at yourself. You look great! Then when you step on a scale, the number gets you all upset and depressed. Rewind: You. Look. Great. Keep track of your progress by how your body looks and feels. It’s not always about the number.




  1. You Face and “The Girls” – For women, the first two places we tend to lose weight the quickest is in our face and, unfortunately, our chest. Remember, the weight in your midsection comes from diet and exercise. Diet being about 80%. If you notice your weight loss in other areas BUT your midsection, don’t get discouraged. Just keep working at it!



  1. Clothes Knows – Notice anything? Those jeans fitting a little looser? Sleeves not as tight? Who needs a scale?! Let your clothes be your scale. Notice and accept the changes your body is making when you lose fat or gain muscle. Embrace your body and your curves. Don’t strive to look like someone else. Instead, be happy and healthy. Your body will thank you.






I gave up on using a scale a long time ago. There are other ways you can find the satisfaction you are looking for. Nutrition and exercise go hand and hand. Keep going! You got this!



-Fitfully Chic