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Friday Night Back Sesh



I am so lucky to have stumbled upon my new workout partner, Yani. She pushes me and motivates me even when I want to stay home and eat. Last night we had a late night workout session and hit back and abs. Below is our workout. Enjoy!


Warm Up – 10 minutes on the treadmill

Workout –


Wide Pull Downs 3×12

Straight Arm Pull Downs 3×15


Underhand Barbell Rows 3×20

Reverse Fly 3×10


Seated Rows 3×12


Core Workout – 25 reps each


Oblique leg lift crunch (each side)

Weighted Flutter Kicks

Plank Dips


Stay tuned for our leg workout we had this morning. This will be a little interesting considering ill be sitting on a plane for 12 hours. My legs are hungover!