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Celebrating Keala Beck

I had the honor and pleasure to throw a baby shower for Greta and Brett to help them celebrate their baby girl, Keala. This was my first time throwing a baby shower, especially a co-ed baby shower. And if you know me, you should know I am extremely anal and love to plan. This was right up my alley.


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We knew they were having a girl and Greta gave me a color scheme to work with. To help channel my creative side, I reached out to my boyfriend’s sister, Heather, to pick her brain for ideas. After searching through Pinterest and talking with Heather, I came up with the theme “Ready to Pop.” I couldn’t wait to get started.



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I love anything DIY. I like any excuse to get crafty. What better way to portray a “Ready to Pop” theme than with a popcorn bar! I also used a bunch of old jars Greta gave me and decorated them for centerpieces and utensil holders.


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We had Core Water, Holy Guacamole, Three Twins Ice Cream, and sangria donated for the shower. I made cookies and rice krispie treats, and there were other people that brought appetizers and desserts.


A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without games! The first game consisted of everyone guessing what length of streamer would measure around Greta and her baby belly. There were some funny guesses, but there was only one winner! And she was right on the money.


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The second game consisted of the men and “dirty diapers.” We smashed different chocolate bars into the diapers and the men had to guess what chocolate bar it was. Trust me, it is much harder to guess these than you think!


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Lastly, we had the eggy obstacle course. This was all Greta’s creation. We had teams of two grab a spoon and an egg and they had to complete the course without dropping their “baby.” Everyone had a lot of fun and definitely worked up an appetite for ice cream.



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We had a great turn out and a great party to welcome baby Keala. We wish Brett and Greta the best and we can’t wait to meet her!


Thank you to everyone who came and helped out with the party!


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-Fitfully Chic