My Top 5 Nutrishop Supplements



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When I first walked into the Nutrishop SMLA location, I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. I was never a fan of going into supplement stores because I felt the people there were so salesy and annoying. I would usually order my supplements online. I have to say, this was a completely different experience.


I walked in and met the owner, Mike Cota. We talked and he explained the InBody machine to me. I hopped on, saw my information, and quickly hopped off. Mike took the time to read through what everything meant so I could understand.


While chatting it up with Mike, I mentioned to him about this bet I had going on with my father. (Keep in mind, this was a few months ago and it was just a silly bet, but there was a lot of money on the line!) Mike wanted to help me win. He took time out of his day to listen to me, my goals, and even read over my diet, He then introduced me to some new supplements that he thought would help me reach those goals in a healthy way.


The one thing I really liked about Mike is that he wasn’t pushy. He didn’t try to see me anything or push anything on me because it was the most expensive product in the store. He actually listened and gave me samples of products to try according to my goals. He was also always easy to reach when I had questions. Below are some of the products he recommended to me and that I still use today.


Detoxin – I love this product. It’s like a juice cleanse X 10 in a pill. It completely cleans out your system and gets rid of all the unwanted toxins. It definitely helped me on my weight loss bet with my dad. Now I just use it after a night of drinking or cheat meals. One suggestion Mike gave me was to take the pills at night so IF there is any discomfort, you will sleep right through it.



Metabolic Spike – I am in love with this product. Everything is great about it, even the taste! (I went with the berry pomegranate flavor.) Metabolic spike is a fat burner, but get this, its caffeine free! That means no jitters and no crashing. Mike told me to take this product twice a day; once with a meal and once before/during my workout. This product was a huge help in dropping from 28% body fat to 24% in a month.



Somnilean – This product is my savior. I mentioned to Mike that I have issues sleeping and that I used to take Melatonin. He informed me Melatonin is good, but it doesn’t rest your mind AND your body. He had me try Somnilean and I have never felt so rested. It helps me fall asleep AND keeps me asleep by resting my mind and my body. Exactly what I needed!



Pro7ein Synthesis – When Mike asked what kind of protein I was taking, he took the time to look it up and read the nutrition label. He had me try a sample of the Chocolate Pro7ein Synthesis to see how I liked it. One full scoop is 34 grams of protein! I love this protein because it doesn’t make me feel bloated and it tastes great. It is also available in Strawberry and Vanilla.



Betabol – Soon after the bet with my father (I didn’t win but I looked fantastic) I told Mike I was interested in putting on some more muscle mass. I wanted my strength back. He had me try Betabol and told me to mix it with my Metabolic Spike twice a day. He informed me that I needed to make sure I had enough protein in my system when I drank it. The results were amazing. My body felt stronger and tighter. I now only take Betabol on my strength training days.


I can’t thank Mike and Nutrishop enough for everything they have done for me and helped me achieve. During the time of the bet with my father, I came into the store once a week to hop on the Inbody machine and check my stats. Did I mention you can do this for free at any time? Each time I came in, Mike took the time to check in with me and see how things were going. He helped keep my spirits up and motivated me to keep going.


Mike’s shop is located at 11906 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, California. Stop in and mention my name to receive 20% off your purchase (non sale items only)